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Grub Girls Donut Mess Around

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Are you tired of the regular basic sweets? Is a mediocre cake with vanilla topping or a batch of basic oatmeal cookies not satisfying your sweet tooth?

No matter what the season, anyone can enjoy a delicious doughnut from Hi-Five Doughnuts!

Hi-Five doughnuts is located on 1011 East Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky. The small yellow building decorated with sprinkles is impossible to miss. The Hi-Five doughnuts journey started with its two owners, Annie Harlow and Leslie Wilson four years ago. Their business started out with the two entrepreneurs working under a tent and serving doughnuts to tables. They slowly expanded and moved their doughnut expedition to a food truck at the Flea Off Market. That’s when their fame started to grow in Louisville, and Hi-Five doughnuts gained their popularity in this city.

This morning we had the privilege to visit Hi-Five doughnuts and talk to Annie Harlow one-on-one. Annie was a delight to talk to and she made every customer feel at home when they walked in. For instance, the elementary school down the street had its last day today. Annie interacted with the countless children who came in with their parents to buy doughnuts, congratulating them on their last day of school. In addition Hi-Five Doughnuts also has a signature birthday doughnut dowsed with cotton candy glaze and adorned with a lit candle. We were lucky enough to watch Annie deliver a birthday doughnut to a young customer, singing Happy Birthday to them while making her way over. I’m sure that type of hospitality wouldn’t be offered to you at Krispy Kreme. Besides enjoying the upbeat atmosphere of Hi-five, Annie also gave us the frosty details of the ins and outs of Hi-Five Doughnuts and why they are SO great! One of the reasons Hi-Five Doughnuts is different than their competitors is because they give their customers the opportunity to make their own doughnuts. Their menu items consist of simple drink selections like milk, bottled water, hot tea, soft drinks, coffee, and of course a multitude selections of doughnuts. Sometimes their doughnuts can be over $5 but with flavors like Hi-Five, it’s definitely worth it.

Here at Hi-Five Donuts, customers can “build your own” doughnuts or doughnut holes with variety of choices in glazes and toppings. They also have a wide selection of signature doughnuts you can choose from. For instance, there are 5 different flavors of glaze and 6 different flavors of toppings. To get the full experience we built our own doughnut picking doughnut holes and adding strawberry glaze topped with fruity pebbles. The doughnut was $5.20 including tax and it was money well spent. We also sampled their doughnut special of the day, a cinnamon stick doughnut that was only $1.33 including tax. I can hands down say it was the best cinnamon doughnut I had ever had.

Her specialties include:

  1. Mint Julep Doughnut

The Mint Julep Doughnut is topped with chocolate mint julep glaze and drizzled with Markers Mark minty glaze. It also is decorated with a flavored Mint Leaf.

  1. Vegan Doughnuts

They also offer a variety of vegan doughnuts. Their vegan doughnuts may not include the same delicious ingredients that are made with their regular doughnuts but they still taste as delectable as the main menu doughnuts. With the vegan doughnuts, you have the same opportunity to build your own doughnut just with a healthier twist.


This doughnut gives you a little taste of Kentucky. This is a plain doughnut topped with chocolate frosting with a hint of bourbon. The frosting is topped with chocolate chunks, a melted marshmallow, and graham cracker crumbs.

  1. KY Buttermilk Fried Chicken Doughnut

This doughnut puts a new twist on brunch! It is a fried glazed doughnut stuffed with crunchy buttermilk fried chicken. Topped with sweet and tangy hot sauce.

  1. Breakfast Doughnut Sandwich

This flavorful sandwich gives you both a sweet and salty taste of breakfast. It is filled with white cheddar cheese, fresh egg, apple wood bacon and mayonnaise.

Also if you are a huge fan of Hi-Five Doughnuts, you can purchase Hi-Five Doughnuts apparel. T-shirts, hats, doughnut coffee mugs are available!

Besides having phenomenal doughnuts and southern hospitality atmosphere, Hi-Five Doughnuts is located in a cool area downtown called Butchertown. After getting yourself a mouthwatering doughnut, you can head on over to Red Hot Roasters Coffee just down the street! In addition to breakfast food, Butchertown also has a lot of cool local restaurants, such as Pho Ba Luu and Copper& Kings Distillery. Whoever said doughnuts and alcohol don’t mix?!



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